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Frequently Asked Questions

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Electric Fireplace FAQs

  • Do they put out heat?
    • Yes. Electric fireplaces don't put out a lot of heat, but they do produce about 4000 BTUs.
  • Are there any electric stoves or electric stand-alones?
    • We do not carry any electric stoves. Electric fireplaces are designed to be put in a cabinet.
  • Does it need venting?
    • No, the fire is not real. It is like watching a fire on television, only prettier. It has a built-in electric heater to simulate fireplace warmth.
  • Are electric fireplaces safe?
    • All models are tested to UL standards and will automatically shut off in the unlikely event that they overheat. They are clean-burning and do not put fumes or moisture into your home, as do "vent free" fireplaces.