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Southwest Truss Services

Professional Truss Design

Our truss design team has been in the construction field for many many years. Our designers have all worked previously as framing carpenters, and understand how a good truss roof should go together. We can catch many architectural and structural flaws in your roof designs that architects fail to consider and find a way to solve these problems before construction actually takes place.

Roof Trusses

Our computer-controlled steel table and experienced crew allows us to build the highest quality roof trusses. With spans up to 62 feet, we can supply trusses for a wide range of structures.

steel table

Floor Trusses

Our steel floor truss table can supply 4x2 floor trusses over 2 feet tall and nearly 40 feet long.


The roller flatbed truck delivers the trusses to your jobsite and offloads them in a manner that preserves their structural integrity. Delivery within Cochise, Graham, and Santa Cruz counties is always free.


Louvered Gable Vents & Bird Boards

We supply metal louvered vents, both rectangular and triangular, for the venting in your gable end trusses. We also manufacture and supply "bird boards", the vented blocking that goes between each truss tail at the roof overhang.

bird boards