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38 ton crane
Southwest Crane currently has two cranes available, a 38-ton and a 22-ton. We also offer a man-basket which gives personnel a safe work platform when working at elevated and hard-to-reach tasks. When you rent a crane from Southwest Crane, it comes with a nationally certified crane operator. We do not rent cranes without an operator.

Our 22-ton crane has a maximum reach of 100 feet, while our 38-ton will reach up to 127 feet. keep in mind that these are maximum reaches under ideal conditions, and will be reduced by the weight of the load, job site terrain, physical size of the load, and other conditions. To find out if our cranes can handle your job just call us at (520) 378-3032 and talk to one of our certified operators.

All rigging (required straps and cables) are supplied by Southwest Crane. However, the operators do not have assistants, and your workmen will be required to handle the guide ropes and fasten the rigging, as well as to guide the crane operator as to placement of the load, especially if his view is blocked.

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